One Stop

As a one stop shop, leave your vehicle with us for the day as we organise and complete:

  • WOFs & Services
  • Cambelts & Timing Chain Replacement
  • Brake Repairs & Overhauls
  • Clutch, Transmission & Gearbox Replacement
  • ECU Diagnostics & Performance Tuning
  • Diesel ECU Performance Tuning
  • Tunes & Reflash
  • Repairs & Engine Rebuilds
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Window / Glass Repairs
  • Tyres & Alignment
  • Electrical Services

Parts Support

As a member of a “parts support network”, we can send out requests and source parts from over 2000 preferred and trusted suppliers throughout New Zealand with just a click of a button.

Tash selecting parts for the next job, parts support network
MTA Assured


PS Automotive is MTA Assured, and has an enduring reputation for being one of the top repairers of choice for mechanical warranties. Call or drop in to see us. We offer free no obligation quotes and can provide written quotes for insurance and WINZ, taking the time and stress away from you.

Save yourself time and money and book your car in with PS Automotive for a fine tuned complete repair and diagnostic service.

One Workshop,
Many Brands:

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